Monterey Greywater

The process of taking some control over your water situation is easy. A simple phone call, and I come out, look at your property, and tell you very clearly what your options might be. Your grey water is a great place to start, because the savings are so great, and you can start saving right away. I'll look at how your showers are situated and assess what it will take to stop this water from being wasted, and to get it going out to the landscape, where it belongs. The same is done with the washing machine. The washer system is often set up separately because the washer has a small pump and will actually deliver the water a little more efficiently Grey water is great because you create more of it everyday. By counting the people in the household, it's easy to judge how much water is being wasted, and how much water could be used for irrigation.

rainwater harvestingRainwater collection involves looking at the roof, seeing how your rain water is being disposed of. Then we can find the most logical and cost-effective way to collect it. Alot of water hits your home. Even a smaller home of 1000 sq. ft. could collect 4,ooo gallons of water in a year with only 10 inche of rain. Then we need a place to put the storage tank. Water has significant volume so in order for the rainwater system to be effective we need a lot of storage. We try to find a flat spot, out of the way so it doesn't interfere with you enjoying your garden, as it provides the water you need to enjoy your garden. The storage doesn't need to be near the house and can often be placed behind some trees, or on the utility side of the house. A pump is often used to distribute to water throughout the property, and this water can now be used to flush your toilets, and wash your clothes. After this inspection you'll receive very clear information on what you can expect from both of these systems. This gives you the information you need to start taking control of your water situation. Home assessments are easy and free (I'm often working right in the neighborhood anyway.) and can take less than a half an hour.

Water Assesments

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Our Wastewater

We have a “use it once and send it away” attitude about our water.

“ We mix all our waste together, then separate it later.”

Like most of our bad habits, this one was born from the days of unlimited resources and a willingness to waste our environment. We take fresh clean potable water. Touch it "once" in our sinks showers, and washers, then mix it with the most awful stuff we can find, bad things like urine, feces, and toxic chemicals. Then we pump this toxic mess all the way over to the sewage treatment plants.

There they treat it with bacteria and chemicals, then pump the liquid parts into the bay. 50% of this water isn't really dirty, and has no business being pumped anywhere, not when our landscapes could use it so well.