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  1. New Mexico Environment Department – pamphlet entitled “Storm Water as a Resource”.

    Oasis Design – information on greywater systems.

    University of Arizona Cooperative Extension system components and design guidelines for harvesting rainwater.

    The World Bank - Water and Sanitation Division
    1818 H Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20433 USA
    Fax: +1-202-522-3228

    The International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance
    Maison Internationale de l'Environnement II, Chemin de Balexert 7-9
    CH-1219 Châtelaine, Geneva, Switzerland
    Tel.: +41 22 797 41 57 / 58 Fax: +41 22 320 88 57
    Web site:

    Water Resources Research Center – part of the College of Agriculture and Life Science at the U of A. Information on home use of greywater and rainwater as a conservation measure.

    Casa del Agua Rainwater Harvesting Information Cisterns/Rainwater Harvesting Systems - Advanced Technologies for Commercial Buildings

    Cisterns To Collect Non-Potable Water For Domestic Use - University of Florida Greywater Central - up to date information on greywater systems and technology Greywater Reuse - Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing

    Graywater - An Option For Household Water Reuse - Home Energy Magazine

    Harvesting Rainwater for Landscape Use

    Home Use of Graywater, Rainwater Conserves Water - and May Save Money – Arizona Water Resources Research Center 

    Rain Harvesting Guidelines and Schematic Rainwater Harvesting - Center for Science and Environment Rainwater Harvesting - info for high density developments (PDF File)

    Rainwater harvesting from rooftop catchments

    Rainwater Harvesting Systems for Montana

    Sourcing Water from the Sky

    Texas Guide to Rainwater Harvesting - Texas Water Development Board

    Water Recycling - explore an ecological wastewater recycling system in Chatham County, NC

     WateReuse Association of California - recycling water to meet California's needs

    West Virginia University - commonsense approach to Recycling Gray Water>

    Low Flow Plumbing Fixtures Rainwater Harvesting 

    National Weather Service Climate Station Precipitation Summary H2OUSE – Water Save Home

    Texas Manual of Rainwater Harvesting (PDF: 6Mb)

    Virginia Rainwater Harvesting Manual

    Rainwater Harvesting

    Harvesting Rainwater For Landscape Use


    Green Affordable Housing Coalition Fact Sheet (PDF: 45K)

     Rainwater Harvesting – Supply from the sky – A Publication of the City of Albuquerque (PDF: 1.4Mb)

    Harvesting Rainwater for Landscape Use by Patricia H. Waterfall

     San Diego County Low Impact Development Handbook – Stormwater Management Strategies (December 31, 2007) (PDF: 3.4Mb) Providing commercial specification providers and production architects and engineers with fast access to the design information they need from manufacturers' websites. ( Building Materials and Manufacturers Specifications for the Architectural and Spec Writing Communities. (

     EcoBusinessLinks - Green Directory The largest hand-picked green directory on the net: Find organic food, cheap solar energy (free daily updated solar panel price survey), sustainable architecture, organic cotton, a vegetarian date, sustainable investments, an organic farm, a sustainable community and much more... (

     Ecostreet Directory (

     Empowering the Environmental Sustainability Movement (

    EPA Onsite (

    The Go Green Directory (

    ReDirect Guide The Healthy and Sustainable Lifestyle Directory Qualified Member (

    The Source for Renewable Energy A comprehensive online buyer's guide and business directory to more than 15,000 renewable energy businesses and organizations worldwide (

    ThomasNet Search ThomasNet to find manufacturers, distributors and service providers- from Actuators to Zirconium and everything in between (

    Water Link Directory Water Links & Articles (

    Water Testing

    National Testing Laboratories 
    This is the website of National Testing Laboratories. If you would like to have your water tested, they are an excellent organization that will give you a thorough and informative water test.

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ports and Papers

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